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PCA Swinger Screen Doors

Entry screen door styles can be selected based on function or form or both!

Does it need to:

  • Allow more breeze and light into your home

  • Make a design statement that reflects your lifestyle and personality

  • Match the architectural style of your home while letting in light and fresh air

PCA Products provides a full spectrum of decorative screen entry doors for the front of the home and for screened in porches which range in design from simple to sophisticated. 70 styles and 6 colors make it easy to find a design to enhance any architectural style.

A unique screen door feature offered by PCA are our French screen door options which feature an astragal. The astragal allows you to have a double screen door opening without any center stile. Our screen doors are also able to accommodate a variety of sizes of pets with our high quality pet doors.

See the screen door selections below for ideas that may be the perfect combination of form, function and beauty for your front entry.



EZ-Pull handle is easy on your hands with a comfortable pull-style. It was designed with all rust free materials to provide years of trouble free operation. The EZ-Pull comes as a standard feature on all custom out-swing aluminum screen doors manufactured by PCA.  

Out-swing Screen Door Installations Only.


Attractive and Durable Powder Coated Finishes. Every PCA screen door is individually powder-coated by hand after assembly. This method ensures a beautiful, long lasting durable finish.


A screen system you can stand on! Family tested to hold 550lbs! The more you push on the screen, the tighter the system grips!


Heavy 3 inch Pushbar with reinforced side walls.

kickplate_hero (1).jpg

Maintenance Free, Aluminum Kick Plates. Our heavy aluminum kick plates help to keep the dust and dirt out and add an element of design. PCA’s kick plate options range in size from 24" tall to 14", 12" or 8" which is the most popular choice, and our standard height.


Two-Way Screen doors with pet doors are built with heavy duty high impact Polystyrene features and include magnets that hold the door in place to prevent debris from entering. Pet doors come in three sizes: Small – for cats and miniature dogs, Medium – for 20 - 50lb. dogs, Large – for 50lb. + dogs

Screen Sample 18/14
Screen Sample Heavy Duty
Screen Sample 20/20 No-See-um
Screen Sample Pet Screen

STANDARD – Every screen door comes standard with 18/14 extra strength screen material. You'll quickly notice the durability of our fiberglass 18/14 screen.

HIGH TRAFFIC – Our Heavy Duty Screen is the strongest type of screen material available. You will want to specify this if you are concerned about high traffic causing damage to your screen door. Heavy Duty will hold up against tears and punctures for years to come.

NO-SEE-UMS – You will want to consider the 20/20 screen if you need to prevent no-see-ums and other tiny insects from coming inside. The 20/20 screen will still provide plenty of ventilation and light into your home.

WHEN PETS ARE A CONCERN – Finally, a pet-proof screen door! It's the strongest, ideal solution for keeping your pets from running through your screen door or scratching the screen material. Phifer Pet Screens won't rust or stain and are seven times stronger than standard screening.

Our most popular models

A-100 PCA  Canoe Creek White

Canoe Creek A-100

A-100 PCA Canoe Creek Ivory
A-100 PCA Canoe Creek Sandstone
A-100 PCA Canoe Creek Clay
A-100 PCA Canoe Creek Bronze
A-100 PCA Canoe Creek Black
A-110 PCA Still Waters White

Still Waters A-110

A-110 PCA Still Waters Ivory
A-110 PCA Still Waters Sandstone
A-110 PCA Still Waters Clay
A-110 PCA Still Waters Bronze
A-110 PCA Still Waters Black
A-500 PCA Westmore White

Westmore A-500

A-500 PCA Westmore Ivory
A-500 PCA Westmore Sandstone
A-500 PCA Westmore Clay
A-500 PCA Westmore Bronze
A-500 PCA Westmore Black
Q-1540 PCA Oak Park White

 Oak Park Q-1540

Q-1540 PCA Oak Park Ivory
Q-1540 PCA Oak Park Sandstone
Q-1540 PCA Oak Park Clay
Q-1540 PCA Oak Park Bronze
Q-1540 PCA Oak Park Black
A-552 Cottage White
A-552 PCA Cottage Ivory

Cottage A-552

A-55 PCA Cottage Sandstone
A-552 PCA Cottage Clay
A-552 PCA Cottage Bronze
A-552 PCA Cottage Black
P-100 Imperial Ivory
P-100 PCA Imperial white

Imperial P-100

P-100 PCA Imperial Sandstone
P-100 PCA Imperial Clay
P-100 PCA Imperial Bronze
P-100 PCA Imperial Black
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