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Screen Porch Enclosures

screen enclosure
The porch is the most iconic part of the American home.  It's just hard to enjoy here in East Tennessee without a screen enclosure to keep all the kritters and bugs out.  Don't you hate sitting down with your cup of coffee in the morning just to get run off by a huge beetle or a WASP!  Well we can help!

So Many Options...

Traditional Patio Extrusion


Screen Tight Systems

Extruded patio enclosure framing is the time tested way of enclosing a porch.  Almost any style mesh can be roll in but we always recommend SuperScreen/Tuff screen due to its durability, visibility, and airflow qualities.  Remember.. if your porch deck is more than 30in off the ground a railing system must be used for fall prevention.

1x2 patio extrusion
bronze 2x2.jpg

Screen Tight Systems are a great solution when your porch already has the basic framework like wood posts.  


Screen Tight original


Mini Track 100% Hidden Fasteners!!!

Screen tight mini track

Screen Tights new Mesh Guard system allows you to have a clear view through the bottom third of your raised porch.  Due to building code a porch that is above 30in from the ground must have a railing system.  Mesh Guard allows us to remove/skip the handrails.  Here's a link to the ICC EVALUATION REPORT


NO MORE Pickets or Ballasters

screen tight-MeshGuard

ScreenEze is a great new system that can span areas up to 150sqft.  With two different types of mounting solutions this system and be installed almost anywhere, even archways!

      Screen EZE


Screen EZE porch screen
Screen EZE track
screen eze mounts.jpg
screen eze porch
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